Department of Pharmacology

Late Baliram Kashyap Memorial Govt. Medical College Jagdalpur, CG

Introduction : The Department of Pharmacology at the Late B.R.K.M. Government medical college, Jagdalpur is para-clinical medical science department that is focused on the undergraduate teaching for medicine and biomedical sciences students, training and development of post graduate students and the basic life sciences research. Academic staff in the department takes lectures, seminars and tutorials for undergraduate students on the Medicine and Biomedical Sciences courses to provide quality para-clinical and clinical education in pharmacology and therapeutics for medical students.

Facilities :
Department of Pharmacology has best-in-class facilities for under graduate and post graduate students including pharmacy lab, experimental lab, indigenous lab, animal house, departmental library and sophisticated instruments. Departmental library has textbooks and reference books of the national and international authors as well as national and international journals.

Available Equipment :
The department boasts the presence of Physiograph, Analgesiometer, Drum kymograph, Rota rod, Cook’s pole Climbing apparatus, Electroconvulsiometer, Photo Actometer, Electronic Stimulator, Autoclave, Incubator, Dale’s organ bath and so on.

Achievement & Research :
The Department of Pharmacology is involved in research along with its academic activities. Research activities under the Department of Pharmacology includes the effects of drugs and other molecules on biological systems with a view to understanding the cellular and molecular mechanisms of the drugs as the first step towards a greater understanding of disease and effective treatment. The staff, research scholars and students have also attended national and international conferences and made paper/poster presentations of their research work.

Courses :MBBS

Symposium/Seminar/Publication :
Seminar, Tutorial and Symposium are important components of the medical pharmacology under graduate and post graduate program. Student and Faculty seminars and tutorials are held throughout the year to promote better understanding of the subject. After completion of formal courses and/or during the pursuit of the dissertation or thesis research, students are required to participate in the departmental seminars for their term of undergraduate study and residence during the post-graduation.
The department has published various research papers in indexed national and international journals. Total number of national/international publications in pharmacology department since inception: 18.

Syllabus :
(A) General Pharmacology
a) Introduction to the Pharmacology
b) Absorption, distribution, metabolism and elimination of drugs, routes of drug administration
c) Basic principles of drug action
d) Adverse reactions to drugs
e) Factors modifying drug response

(B) Autonomic nervous system & Peripheral nervous system
a) Neurohumoral transmission
b) Sympathetic nervous system - sympathomimetics, sympatholytics
c) Parasympathetic - Cholinergics, Anticholinergics, Ganglion stimulants and blockers
d) Skeletal muscle relaxants
e) Local anaesthetics

(C) Central nervous system
a) General principles and neurotransmitters
b) Drug therapy of various CNS disorders like epilepsy, depression, Parkinson’s disease, schizophrenia, neuro- degeneration etc.
c) Pharmacotherapy of pain, Opioids
d) General anaesthetics

(D) Autacoids
a) Histamine and antihistaminics
b) Prostaglandins, leukotrienes, thromboxane and PAF
c) Substance P, bradykinin,
d) Drugs for arthritides & gout

(E) Cardiovascular system
a) Drug therapy of hypertension, shock, angina, cardiac arrhythmias
b) Renin angiotensin system
c) Diuretics
d) Coagulants and anticoagulants, antiplatelet drugs
e) Hypolipidemics

(F) Gastrointestinal and respiratory system
a) Emetics and antiemetics
b) Drugs for constipation and diarrhoea
c) Drug treatment of peptic ulcer
d) Drug therapy of bronchial asthma
e) Pharmacotherapy of cough

(G) Hormones
a) Reproductive hormones - testosterone, estrogen, progesterone, contraceptives
b) Drug therapy of Diabetes
c) Thyroid hormones
d) Hypothalamo-Pituitary-Adrenal axis
e) Corticosteroids
f) Oxytocin and drugs acting on uterus
g) Drugs affecting calcium balance

(H) Chemotherapy
a) General principles of antimicrobial chemotherapy, rational use of antibiotics
b) Chemotherapeutic agents- Penicillins, cephalosporins, fluoroquinolones, macrolides, aminoglycoside, tetracyclines, chloramphericol and polypeptide antibiotics etc.
c) Chemotherapy of tuberculosis, leprosy, UTI
d) Chemotherapy of parasitic infection
e) Chemotherapy of fungal infections
f) Cancer Chemotherapy
(I) Miscellaneous
a) Immunomodulators
b) Drug therapy of glaucoma and cataract
c) Treatment of poisoning

List of Faculty : Department HOD & Faculty Details

Following Table Shows The Faculties in Department of Pharmacology.

Name Designation Qualification Contact No Email Id
Dr. Sanat Kumar Sharma Professor and Head MBBS, MD (Pharmacology) 94255-11211

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Our Departments

Facilities Available in Department
Late Baliram Kashyap Memorial Govt. Medical College, Jagdalpur, CG


Department of Anaesthesiology and Critical Care.

Facilities available to administor general anaesthesia regional anaesthesia, BLS & ACLS, managements of emergency cases.


Five National Papers Published in Indexed Journal By HOD


Teaching and Training Residents, Interns and medical and Nursing students.


Facilities available to administor general anaesthesia regional anaesthesia.


Syllabus : Basics of Anaesthesiology and critical care medicine.

Community Medicine

As per Medical Council of India medical education programme is designed with a goal to create an “Indian Medical Graduate” possessing requisite knowledge, skills, attitudes, values and Responsiveness, so that he or she may function appropriately and effectively as a physician of First contact of the community while being globally relevant.

Concurrent with above goal Institute & Department have identified three pillars to conceptualize the IMG into Reality.


The Department implements community-based programs to enhance health care services to rural communities.


The Department strives to provide best learning opportunities to medical students through community-based medical education.


In the departmental posting students are made acquainted with research methodology and data analysis methods.


Seminar Present by Under Graduate students. covering the various topics of community Medicine and recent advances.


The Department of Biochemistry is engaged in high quality teaching facilities with eminent faculties that makes the medical undergraduate students compatible with all latest scientific developments.

This department also provides patient care by investigating biochemical tests in the clinical laboratory with modern updated instruments operated by trained & skilled personnel.


The Department has one lecture theatre for theory classes along with UG lab & one demo room for undergraduate teaching.


Beckman coulter autoanalyser (AU 680), Beckman coulter immunoassay analyzer, ZEISS UP RIGHT Microscope.


Effect of nutrients on cell growth and adenosine deaminase activity of mycobacterial smegmaitis.


“Special Presidential Award” by the board of Directors of the International College of Nutrition, Moradabad & South Harrow U.K.

Obstetrics & Gynecology

Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology started in year 2006. It is a MCI recognized 60 bedded department.

The department provides comprehensive health care to women through daily OPD, special clinics like cancer clinic, antenatal clinic, post natal clinic, adolescent health clinic and 24 hours emergency obstetric care.


Antenatal clinic daily, high risk pregnancy care, Post natal clinic & family welfare, Ante partum surveillance by ultrasound & non stress test.


Faculties of the department are regularly participating in national & State government programmes organized by government & NHRM for in service doctors, RMA, AMO & Staff nurse.


Well equipped labour room, Obstetrics & Gynecological OT, Colour Doppler sonography & portable sonography machine.


DNB courses in obs & Gynecology. Which started in Jan year 2012. Our institute is accreditated for 03 primary and 03 secondary candidates every year in Jan session.


Department of Pathology Late Baliram Kashyap Memorial Govt. Medical College, Jagdalpur established in year 2007.

We have undergrduate teaching course in MBBS and Certificate course for Laboratory Technician. Besides this, facility for laboratory service for both indoor and outdoor patients available.


Regarding Lab service we have different sections like Histopathology, Cytology , Hematology and Blood Bank .


Automated stainer, Microtome, Microwave, Automated tissue processor, Hot Plate, Centrifuge Machine.


We had organized "CAPCON 2017" 15th Annual state conference of IAP & MCC On 18th & 19th Nov, 2017.

Blood Bank

Facilities for issue of whole blood, Blood Donation Camp Regularly.